PhotographerSalvador Fenoll
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAlicante, Spain
Entry Description

Tokhang is a photographic essay about the War on Drugs declared by the Philippines government. This project was carried out in Manila, the capital city of the country. Some days after I started working on it, the Government temporarly suspended the anti-drug operations after the assassination of a South Korean businessman by the Philippines Police was revealed. Even though Rodrigo Duterte called for a cease of the fire, the killings continued, although the numbers decreased. What did not seem to decrease were the number of funerals of people, mostly men, who were found dead after the visit of the "vigilantes", the executive force of Tokhang. More than 7000 deaths have been caused by the operations against drug traffickers and users between June 2016 and January month of the following year.