Spongbob and Indonesia Traditional Vegetables

PhotographerEvans Winanda Wirga
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDepok, Indonesia
Photo Date14 April 2017
Technical InfoCanon 70D, Sigma 17-50 mm lens
Entry Description

This series is about several characters in Spongebob movie which arranged from varieties of local vegetables and spices from Indonesia. These arrangements of vegetables turn out to look alike the Spongebob which is arrange from ingredients of Asinan Betawi from Jakarta-Indonesia. Patrick the Starfish is arranged from ingredients of Sayur Jantung, traditional vegetables from Celebes. Gary the Snail is arranged from the ingredients of Acar Kuning, Traditional Culinary from Sumatera. The Squirrel Sandy Cheeks is arranged from the ingredients of Sayur Urap, traditional vegetables dish from Central Java, and Squidward Tentacles is arranged from the ingredients of Sayur Asem, the traditional vegetables dish from West Java. All those dishes use local spices of Indonesia such as red and white onions, red and green chilis, shrimp paste, lime leaves, ginger, lemon grass, cinnamon, salt, palm-sugar, kencur, and candlenut. I wish that I could introduce Indonesia's Traditional Vegetable Dishes to the World.