The portrait of Lady Incognito

PhotographerAlex Perelman
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryQiryat Yam, Israel
Photo Date2016
Technical Infostudio, 5d, bowens
Entry Description

A portrait of a woman in her 40s who has a fear of the camera along with a desire for interesting photography that you can present in different social networks. Her hair is her distinguishing feature and an idea for a portrait as you can see.

About Photographer

My name is Alex Perelman and I was Born in 1974,in former USSR, I graduated from the University of Haifa with a BA in Mathematics and Statistics and I am also a graduate of The Department of Photography at The NB Haifa Academy of Design. In 2008, I established a commercial photography studio that provides photography services for businesses and industry. In addition, I am doing personal and art projects. In these projects I have been involved in a number of dance troupes (creating documentary photography) for five years, projects that were presented in numerous exhibitions. In the present year, I have started photographing portraits of pets in the studio. I see a big importance in working with complex lighting schemes, probably the mathematician in me that affects my approach to art.