Memento Flori

PhotographerDirk Bader & Andreas Zeischegg
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMünchen, Germany
Photo Date2016
Technical Infocamera: Leica S System
Entry Description

The photographic series „Memento Flori“ by Dirk Bader and Andreas Zeischegg consists in its entirety of 18 Images that were first exhibited in early 2017. The fleetingness of all earthly things - the saying „Memento Mori“ - has appeared in the History of Art since the 8th century. The Motto refers to this basic thought without helping itself to the classical symbolism. The works focus on the metaphor of flowers. They are rich in visual opulence and coloring, whilst showing a mysterious morbidity. Everything seems to drown and merge into the depths. The photographs were taken on a high-resolution digital middle-format camera, without post-production, thus attaining an unusual new interpretation of „Memento Mori“ in a time of endless digital possibilities.