Great tools

PhotographerAlex Perelman
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryQiryat Yam, Israel
Photo Date2014-2017
Technical Infostudio, 5d, bowens
Entry Description

One of my favorite fields in advertising photography is working with metal products and various technical tools. My attempt to take these products and present them as a works of art, conveying the effort that was put in designing them, as a work of a sculptor who created them.

About Photographer

My name is Alex Perelman and I was Born in 1974,in former USSR, I graduated from the University of Haifa with a BA in Mathematics and Statistics and I am also a graduate of The Department of Photography at The NB Haifa Academy of Design. In 2008, I established a commercial photography studio that provides photography services for businesses and industry. In addition, I am doing personal and art projects. In these projects I have been involved in a number of dance troupes (creating documentary photography) for five years, projects that were presented in numerous exhibitions. In the present year, I have started photographing portraits of pets in the studio. I see a big importance in working with complex lighting schemes, probably the mathematician in me that affects my approach to art.