Forever young I wanna be

PhotographerEleonora Pecorella
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo Date2017
Technical Infonikon D300S Af-S micro 105mm
Entry Description

This series of photos is a visual reflection on the actual favorable life expectancy, incredibly increased in the last 100 years, and the pervasive hedonism of our society, which creates a paradoxical situation of non-acceptance of what looks old. This behavior is probably more visible in women, where aging is often denied turning to beauty treatments and plastic surgery.  The utopian will to keep or reach an ideally conceived beauty, leads the subject to enter into a spiral of irreversible processes that generates an effect of alienation till extreme situations, where he/she may not more recognize himself in his/her own body.  Images of this series want to explore this perturbation of the self perception, hidden behind the imperishable smile and unshakable serene look of the Barbies, model of beauty since the Sixties, that matches with old and dried flowers and fruits, which would celebrate the supreme and indisputable beauty of nature, even when it’s aged. 

About Photographer

I’m a photographer and art historian born in Rome in 1973. I received BA and Master in Art History from Rome La Sapienza University. I worked few years in this field in Italy, before moving to London in 2008, where I exclusively focused on photography as her main interest and activity, studying photography at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. As soon as I started learning it, I felt that photography was the tool to satisfy my need to expression. My first practice focused on macro photography to undertake a visual investigation of plants and flowers. I had my first solo exhibition Botanical Beauty at the Imperial College of London in 2010. I then opened to other subjects. I travelled around the world in 2012 keeping a photoblog, published on an Italian online magazine (TheTripMag). My approach to photography is based on the idea that understanding (or at least trying to understand!) social, historical, and political, context around us is the starting point to give space to self expression, and only from that point it’s possible to appreciate and give value to the aesthetic aspects of life. I’m particularly interested to those moments of everyday life where you can intercept clues of an original melt between routine and the extraordinary. I’d love to be able to point out this mix through my photographic work, discernible in many apparently unimpressive situations of our ordinary existence. Collections: Archivio Italiano dell’Autoritratto Fotografico, Musinf, Senigallia Italy From 2015 I’m one of the judge of the International Photographer of the Year Photo Contest. In 2015 I was Finalist at the prestigious Lens Culture Portrait Awards with Women’s Energy, I won a first place in Aerial at the International Color Awards with Sorrento, and one of the photo from Another Point of View was selected for Exclusive Exhibition curated online by Hollywood celebrity Jamie Lee Curtis for SaatchiArt. In 2016 I was invited to be part of the Network by LensCulture, a chosen group of photographers all over the world, and I was selected for Connect, the first exhibition online of the Network curated by Aaron Schuman; last but not least I won a second place in Sport category at the International Color Awards with Marettimo. This year I was selected between 1000 applications to be part of The Other Art Fair in London, curated, among others, by Rebecca Wilson, former director of Saatchi Gallery.