Midwives of Kasangati

PhotographerNancy A. Scherl
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyNancy A Scherl Photography
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo DateJanuary-February 2017
Technical InfoNikon Digital SLR Cameras
Entry Description

The ‘Midwives of Kasangati’ honor health care workers who are integral in support of pregnant women. These midwives work at Kasangati Health Center IV, in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda where women labor and deliver at this rural maternity ward. Life begins as does the joy of motherhood, under the watchful eyes and skilled support from these midwives. Globally, it’s estimated that over 800 women die daily from obstetrical complications and is especially challenging in Sub Saharan Africa because of minimal resources. Using basic tools–their hands, eyes and ears, these midwives of Kasangati provide access to basic obstetrical care. They form a strong bond amongst themselves allowing them to cope with the challenges they are confronted with, daily. Their reward is fulfilling nonetheless, as they form nurturing relationships amongst the women in their community.

About Photographer

Nancy has has pursued photography ever since she was a young teenager. In her fine art work she stages people or objects to create psychologically charged worlds. ‘Medical Mocks’ (series) are an illusion of anatomical structures with objects orbiting in microcosmic spaces. The viewer is asked to dissect what appear to be both ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ components, which are deliberately blended together ‘mocking’ the real. The images suggest organic bodily interiors, belonging to medical landscapes though they also bear resemblance to something atmospheric or extra-terrestrial. All of the images in this work are artificially constructed spaces and objects with ‘real’ components (photographed by Nancy) sometimes woven in to the image. Nancy's methodology is comprised of both 'in camera' work as well as digital enhancement to create special effects imagery, allowing for hyper-realistic results which mimic the medical landscape and creates impossibilities along the way, presenting objects that masquerade seamlessly, taking center stage in her medical-anatomical theater. Medical Mocks (series) is about the human condition and the fragility of life. Her peopled interiors are also about the human condition and often about being alone. Nancy's professional work has included: travel, documentary, not-for-profit and corporate assignments. She has produced documentary photography and videos for numerous international medical missions across Asia and South America, for foundations such as the Smile Train, Helping Hands, Changing Childrens Lives, et al. She is a contributing photographer at Christies Auction House in New York City.