Italy women's national rugby team

PhotographerIlaria Magliocchetti Lombi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo Date10 - 2- 2017
Entry Description

I took these serie of portraits during the Rugby Six Nation Championship. It was a commissioned work for Il Corriere della Sera (italian national newspaper) "Io Donna" magazine. I photographed these athletes of the Italy women's national rugby team with this light and setting because i wanted to enhance their strenght but also their graceness and elegance.

About Photographer

I was born in Rome in 1985. After a degree in art direction I moved to Barcellona. In 2006 I started to photograph documenting the new Italian independent music scene, and worked for many bands and artists becoming a photographic point of reference in the Italian rock scene. Back in Rome I started to work for various magazines portraying writers, directors, politicians and actors. I photograph for Vanity Fair Italia, Rolling Stone, Io Donna, L' Espresso among others. My work is represented by Contrasto.