PhotographerMarta Kochanek
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBirmingham, United Kingdom
Photo DateMarch 2017
Technical InfoDigital Image
Entry Description

The history of humanity has recorded hundreds and thousands of romances and mésalliances of all kinds. The world witnesses love between people of all nationalities and races. This planet gives room to those attracted to people of the same, opposite and both genders. It is how this world is constructed. For her new Lovyer project, Marta portrayed seven relationships that are formed by both the majority and minorities of the whole population that occupies this world. She contrasted old and young, curvy and slim, black and white, straight and gay. Brain science tells us it is a drive like thirst. The ancient Greeks called love “the madness of the gods”. Modern psychologists define Love as the strong desire for emotional union with another person. One of Marta’s sources of inspiration was the Ain Sakhri lovers’ figurine, which is the oldest representation of a human couple making love in the world.

About Photographer

Marta Kochanek is a Portrait Photographer. Photography was always the hugest passion of hers. Marta's photographs have been shown several times in both group and solo exhibitions, including Mall Galleries in London, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as well as Verge Art Brooklyn and Leslie & Lohman Museum in New York. In 2012 Marta was invited to join Daegu Biennial in South Korea. Marta’s works appeared in numerous publications including The Times. National and international professionals honourable mentioned her works through the most important and prestigious photographic competitions like: Px3 Paris, International Aperture Awards, International Photography Awards, as well as Art Kudos.