PhotographerPaul Harris
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyPaul Harris Photographer
City/CountryTallai, Australia
Photo DateMarch 2016
Technical InfoAerials taken from light plane
Entry Description

I’ve always been fascinated with patterns in nature. The way water inevitably finds it's way to it’s destination; it might have to snake around or collect over time to spill over an obstacle but it’s determination is relentless. Humans have a similar effect but are not as graceful; we carve roads for the fastest route and lay electricity wires so when we get to our destination we can enjoy the comforts we’ve worked so hard for. I spent some time exploring Nevada and Arizona looking for these patterns.

About Photographer

How many jobs are there that list tripping over one of the Queens corgis as a workplace hazard? I was eight when I decided to be a photographer; I don't really think I had a choice. Apart from obstacles of the royal canine variety, it's thrown me an amazing array of challenges and given me some experiences that only come along once in a very lucky person's lifetime. If I'm not behind a camera I'm often on the water on some sort of sailboat; using an age old technique to harness the wind to go somewhere just makes so much sense. When you're in the thick of it you can't think about anything else (or you get wet). Being a photographer is the perfect excuse to meet and collaborate with people from different walks of life and share their world for a while. It also satisfies another desire: solving technical and logistical issues which again, like sailing if done well no one gets wet. To do what I love makes me feel incredibly fortunate, always working hard to create dramatic images that tell a story, to draw you into a scene and to capture your imagination. My three wonderful kids remind me everyday to see the world with amazement and it’s a privilege to be able to share the way I see it. Phone: +61 418 644 705 Email: