PhotographerScott Ruzzene
Prize3rd Place in Sports / Winter sports
City/CountryWollongong, Australia
Photo Date8th February, 2017
Technical Info1/1250sec, f/9, ISO400, 35mm
Entry Description

Tom and I had wanted to capture a shot where you could see the outstretched hand feeling the snow through a huge powder turn. This ended up being the very first sequence of the morning and everything came together for the shot. The snow was so good we put the camera gear away after this and rode for the fun of it for the rest of the day.

About Photographer

I'm an Australian based nature photographer with a particular interest in the ocean and it's inhabitants and also mountain/wilderness areas. I am in the ocean almost everyday and travel as much as I can to experience new areas and phenomena not found in my local area. When I'm not in the ocean I like to take time away and chase winters to ski and photograph the fragile ecosystems of these areas.