PhotographerAndy Y. Wang
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyImage1 photo and cinema
City/CountryThornhill, Canada
Photo DateMay 19, 2015
Entry Description

This is one-of-lifetime shoot that I took during my visit to Hawaii back on May 2015. It was already amazing to watch a group of sea turtles at once, and it was definitely one of my favorite moment as a photographer to watch them all surfing at the same time. I was enjoying my moment while I knew that they are enjoying their life since the survival rate is less than 1/1000 for them to reach age 10.

About Photographer

My wildlife photography adventures expand my view to love more and care for our planet each and every time. As a wildlife photographer, I also want to raise awareness of endangered species and damages that we have done to our beautiful planet through my lens. I continue my journeys as long as any of my images bring you any kind of emotional feelings or thoughts about the nature we depend on.