Wear On

PhotographerCaroline M Bailey
Prize2nd Place in Architecture / Other_ARC
City/CountrySavannah, United States
Photo DateNovember 7th, 2017
Technical InfoIlford HP5 Plus 400 4x5 film
Entry Description

Imperfection can be quite beautiful. A small run down building in North Carolina.

About Photographer

Caroline M Bailey is a German-American documentary photographer and analogue enthusiast. She grew up moving throughout North America, Asia and Europe. From these experiences, she developed a passion for travel. She hopes to see and experience as much as she can of the world. This is her greatest source of inspiration. Her work focuses on people and explores the various facets of the human experience. Whether in foreign countries or in her own neighborhood, she highlights humanity in everyday people, places and moments. Her photographs aim to promote sympathy and understanding between people.