Prosperity of Taipei

PhotographerAlbert Chen
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAlbert Chen Photography
City/CountryHouston, United States
Entry Description

Using a long exposure to capture the vehicle light trails of the traffic along with the tallest building, Taipei 101, which is also generally considered a symbol of Taipei. I manage to capture both the light trails and the Taipei 101 in this photo to demonstrate the prosperity of Taipei.

About Photographer

Albert Chen is a Houston-based photographer and an award recipient of previous IPA, SWPA, Px3, MPA, FAPA, NDPA, TIFA, and IPOTY contests. He loves photographing, tells stories through his work, and can't live without it. Being a photographer wasn't his original career plan, his photographing started from a hobby and then transformed it into a passion. And now, it becomes his daily life.