Photographerdavid willis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date2016-2017
Technical InfoDigital composition
Entry Description

These are digital compositions comprising of multiple images relating iconographic thoughts

About Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER’S STATEMENT Graduated in 1972 in the inaugural class of Nathon Lyon's Visual Studies Workshop. This work represents my fifty year varied explorations of photographic representation. I have worked with landscape, planoscapes, portraits, metaphoric compositions and many aspects of photographic spacial design dealing with photographic space beyond the single frame. My range of experience extends from fine art to commercial and includes work with almost all photographic media including: large format 4”x5”, 8”x10”, medium format,35mm black and white and color; 16mm film; multi-media presentations and video. I have designed cameras including a 180 degree by 360 degree total environment camera (which might be one of the world's first virtual reality cameras), slit cameras and slide show systems which relate to images and life performances. Per need I work with both analogue and digital media. I have worked on many portfolios including those using my early virtual reality camera, the two-page spreads, “The Southwest”, “The New York Series", “The Planoscapes” and my most recent, “Social visual Metaphors" All of the images in the portfolios are outputted as archival Gyclee prints on 20 inch by 24 inch water color paper. " The Sphericals explored compositions which depicted total landscape environments, The two-page spreads places two prints side by side to show metaphorical relationships, The Southwest” series was inspired by my interest in the iconography specific to that region. The New York series was similarly inspired, but specific to that City, “The Planoscapes” are compositions that are not necessarily designed as landscapes but combine images as flat plane spaces. The social visual Metaphors compare the relationship of historical and contemporary iconography.