PhotographerNicolo SERTORIO
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryOakland, United States
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

I grew up mostly in post-war Europe, when the economy was growing and the outlook to the future was bright. Globalization was going to bring the world together, plastics made everyday objects available at lower costs, international expansion and growth were the keywords. I moved to the US partly riding on this wave of abundance. Then slowly the hidden costs started to reveal themselves, in the forms now all too familiar: economic disparity, environmental pollution, abuse of natural resources, new diseases, global warming, loss of identity. Before we knew it, we were the generation having to pay for the sins of our parents. No matter where I turned, the guilt was there: for the food I ate (environmental and health damages of red meats, dangerous chemicals in everyday food, saturated fats, etc), the clothes I wore (third-world worker slavery, cancer causing materials, environmental pollution, etc), the job I had (large corporation