Fekat Circus life - Ethiopia

PhotographerLucas Dragone
Prize2nd Place in Event / Other_ev
Entry Description

Fekat Circus, which in Amharic means “blossoming circus”, was born in 2004 in the outskirts of Addis Ababa out of the initiative of a group of young Ethiopians united by a deep and unique relationship of brotherhood and positive values. They had grown up in a suburb of Addis Ababa and had had the good fortune to be familiarized with circus from a very young age. They shared a common dream: to create a circus with  youngsters who had never imagined to be on a stage in their life. We believe circus arts are a powerful tool to spread joy and positive values in this world afflicted with suffering and individualism. This is why Fekat Circus wants to widely spread circus arts, reach as many children and youngsters as possible, and give an opportunity to blossom to thousands of them.

About Photographer

Lucas Dragone is an award winning visual artist and storyteller. He studied at the Lassaad International School of Theater. In the past few years he initiated a project of documenting various forms of theaters. By doing this Lucas hopes to contribute to the documentation of the performing arts. In parallel with his photographic works, Looka is also directing film documentaries around the world. His first film Documentary Black Box is the result of 5 years following the creation process of The House of Dancing Water, a show directed in Macau (China) by Franco Dragone. Far from being a "making of", It is a journey through time, exploring the minds, the moods, the sensations,... of the artists involved in the project. His second film documentary is about I Made Djimat, a very well-known figure in the world of theatre who is coming from a small village in Bali. I Made Djimat had a major influence on some of the most important directors in the 20th century. To learn more about Lucas: www.lookaloopa.com