Son of God

PhotographerJB Rasor
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAtlanta, United States
Photo Date2016-2017
Technical InfoDigital Capture
Entry Description

CR Barlow is a young boxer determined to be the best professional fighter in his class. His struggle echoes that seemingly infinite drive that all boxing greats possess. Boxing allows CR to rise out the ashes of a violent past, one that still plagues his present. At 17 he was sentenced to four years in prison for armed robbery. While inside he discovered boxing, and has made it his profession ever since his release four years ago. The intense journey he is on offers him the opportunity to achieve something that very few accomplish; to be the greatest fighter in the world. This series elucidates CR’s struggle, his isolation and unwavering determination. It is an intimate look at his life, inside and outside of the ring.