Transcendence of Self: Overcoming Melancholia

PhotographerTsu-Han Hwang
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySan Francisco, United States
Photo Date2017
Technical Infomixed media, alt process
Entry Description

I used to suffer from Melancholia. During those days, I lost the will to live because of bullying and the stress of school. Those memories haunted me continuously. They brought feelings of worthlessness and emptiness. I dodged and rejected the fact that those memories were a part of me. Even when I pushed the memories and sorrow from my head, I still could feel the wounds and hatred in my heart. One day, my parents introduced a psychiatrist who helped me to face the past I used to find too painful. I gradually learned to accept myself and began the healing process. I soon realized that my friends and family had always been beside me, supporting me, and continued to stay with me as I fought to overcome my depression. As a result, I have created a series of self-portraits using mixed-media artwork to release the feelings of my past. Through the creation process, I feel as though I am able to free myself from the negative memories; by manipulating each print by hand, getting closer to my inner self, and experiencing a deeper connection to the emotion. I feel my prints are far more convincing than words as an emotive tool of communication.

About Photographer

I was a runaway. But I find myself through photography. During my career of photographer's assistant, I realized that I preferred to create fine art rather than doing commercial shots. I had to move on. Thus, I begin my overseas study at School of Photography, Academy of Art University in San Francisco. While I enjoy San Francisco, I want to explore conceptual work and give Taiwan a different perspective of photography.