Ojo de Agua

PhotographerCarina Wachsmann
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCarina Wachsmann
City/CountryParis, France
Photo Date13 February 2017
Technical InfoLeica Q
Entry Description

Two thousand square kilometres of blinding contrast between bright blue sky and the cracked and crusty expanse of white salt and turquoise waters is spellbinding. Here in the Andes mountains on the Salinas Grandes the indigenous population continue to live in a sacred symbiosis with The Pachamama, also known as Mother Earth, to help preserve and protect the world. This natural pool is believed to be a Pachamama´s holy place and it’s respected and venerated by the locals.

About Photographer

Carina Wachsmann was born in Ulm (Germany), she holds a Bachelor degree from University Schwäbisch Hall and an awarded scholarship at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Ohio. She has lived 8 years in Rome and is based in Paris since 2013. Carina Wachsmann is a multidisciplinary artist, she works as a photographer, filmmaker, art director and designer and has over 10 years of international work experience in visual arts. Her photographs have been published in books and magazines as well as on international art shows.