Father & Son

PhotographerOliver Wand
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo Date10.03.2017
Entry Description

Although I did grew up with my father, I didn’t at the same time. He didn’t really care about my education and therefore never became the role model I hoped him to be in my life. The „Father & Son“ series is my personal approach coming to terms with a very difficult part of my life.

About Photographer

Oliver Wand is a fine art photographer living and working in his hometown Berlin Germany. Oliver creates fine art images using the language and tools of commercial and fashion photography to play with story elements and to engage the viewer in the images. His work is narrative and relies on substantial pre-production. There are no spontaneous snapshots, the images are planned and executed through a deliberate process. The results are not simply images as Oliver Wand loves designing stories featuring people's lives and their thoughts made visible. This rich and exciting collision of circumstanc