Samburu Warriors

PhotographerTerri Gold
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyTerri Gold World Imagery
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoDigital Infrared Image
Entry Description

The Samburu are also known as the Butterfly people. The young warriors live outside the village and have many rituals to perform to attain Manhood.

About Photographer

Terri Gold is an award-winning photographer known for her poetic infrared imagery of people from the remote corners of the globe. Her ongoing body of work Still Points in a Turning World explores our universal cross-cultural truths: the importance of family, community, ritual and the amazing diversity of its expression. Terriā€™s work has garnered many awards, shown in galleries internationally and published extensively. She had a solo show at Salomon Arts Gallery in April and other recent exhibitions of her work have taken place at The Annenberg Space for Photography in conjunction with the "Life: A Journey Through Time" exhibition. Recent awards include the International Photography Awards, Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3), Humanity Photo Awards. She is always happiest with a camera or three in her hands.