The Uncanny

PhotographerLéonard Pongo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrussels, Belgium
Photo Date2011 - 2016 (ongoing)
Technical InfoDigital photographs
Entry Description

"The Uncanny" is an experience of daily life in several neighbourhoods of Congo DR's main cities. It is carried out by photographing families, local TV, political figures and church leaders and followers. This work shows a different side to the Congolese story: one of people living in the country’s urban neighbourhoods, far from the catastrophes and faced with different challenges. Instead of focusing on the country’s infamous crises and conflicts, it questions the country’s existence away from the episodic flashpoints of war and the conflicts brought up by experiencing this reality. For a place that is so osten seen through images of devastation and disaster, this series offers an intimate, inside view of Congo: private moments captured for their emotional meaning.