Shared territories

PhotographerJulien Carcano
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo DateMarch 2017
Technical InfoLandscape Long exposure
Entry Description

This is a landscape photography of a traditional Norwegian fishing village based in the lofoten region.

About Photographer

Julien freezes the time for a couple of seconds and frame its emotions at this precise moment, by using a very sobre style and minimalist. He reads the beauty and the simplicity of the place and retranscribes it to us. Its composition reveals a game of texture, material and a new geometry lines that you can’t expect. The power of its work exist in even the connexion between surnatural/unique/new to the place and as well as its post production processing work which allows him to sublim/fine tune/perfection the reality that he felt by Julien when on spot : accentuate the lignes, sobre the elements, profile the angles to transmit a beauty and a emotion more grabing. Lost in between reality and fiction, magic happens. We’ll be ending by the Artist’s words faithful to its generosity: « today, I want to share this experience through the world, and travel the world to share my vision »