Chinese London

PhotographerYufan Lu
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo DateApril 2017
Technical InfoTLR
Entry Description

There were nearly 92,900 Chinese students studying in the UK in 2015, making China the top non-EU sending country of overseas students. London, as the center of the UK's higher education, remains its top attractiveness among Chinese who seek their further education here. However, in contrast to the huge number is the limited time most Chinese students are allowed to stay in the UK - around one-year-and-a-half before their Tier-4 visa expires. For them, the beginning of their life in the UK already has the end projected onto it. Doreen Massey talked about the unfair distribution of mobility amid globalization, which caused stratums in people's new "senses of places". By asking my subjects to take me to their favorite places in London for a portrait, I intended to let them speak for themselves of their senses of London, and how they cope with their life as a temporary migrant.