The Painted Photograph: Remnants, #479 v1

PhotographerJudy D. Shane
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySelf Employed
City/CountryVancouver, Canada
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoInkjet Print 48 Inches Square
Entry Description

This artwork is a digital composite of focally stacked macro photographs of acrylic paint. The image explores conceptual ideas in the disciplines of both painting and photography, and it reflects a lengthy creative process that defies the prevalent practice currently found in today's digital photography.

About Photographer

Judy D. Shane's multi-layered photography explores the making of the visual. Her photographic composites of individually sculpted paint strokes are captured with a macro lens emphasizing the physicality of surface tension and a three-dimensional realism. In photographing paint this way, Shane transforms what should be merely the building block of a picture into a fully realized image in its own right. She shows her audience the details that are never seen with the naked eye, and asks the viewer to think beyond the conventional separation of photography and the traditional art of painting. Shane lives and keeps a studio in Vancouver, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University of Art + Design (2012) and her work is informed by her fifteen years as a respected visual effects artist for film and television.