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Dada is future

Dada is future

PhotographerVolker Plein
PrizeHonorable Mention
Photo Date04/2015-12/2016
Entry Description

The self-portrait series "Dada is future", produced and finalized between spring 2015 and winter 2016, is my homage to the art movement Dada (or Dadaism) which started emerging in Europe during World War I. Why do I like Dada and why is it still relevant? Dada artists merged different art styles, like Cubism and Futurism, and used all types of media to create unique (news-)paper collages, photo montages, paintings, sculptures, poetry and stage performances – there were no rules or boundaries. They questioned everything, not only the establishment but also themself, and drew attention to problems in society like media manipulation (war propaganda) and nationalism. As a new type of art, that was different in a meaningful way and not only for the sake of being different, Dada spread the truth, celebrated life and engaged in working for peace.