The Holy Fruition

PhotographerMasumi Shiohara
Prize2nd Place in Advertising / Food
Entry Description

I am an orchardist. I have endeavored to create an artistic record as a photograph of fruit that I have grown in its "most visually beautiful form prior to being harvested". My artwork is similar to "Botanical Art," seeking to depict both precision and a level of detail, combined with aesthetic beauty. Multiple fruits ripen in orchards. However, not all fruit can be considered an object of beauty, in terms of its shape or leaf distribution. Daily tending of plants which is done all year round, as well as weather conditions that change on a yearly basis result in annual variations in the final quality of products. The impetus for embarking on this style: This orchard provides materials to artists for the purpose of "Botanical Art". I came up with the concept of expressing "Botanical Art" through photographs which led to the creation of this artwork.