Frozen Hopes

PhotographerKonstantinos Tsakalidis
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyKonstantinos Tsakalidis
City/CountryThessaloniki, Greece
Photo DateJanuary 17-20, 2017
Entry Description

Belgrade, Serbia on January 17-20, 2017. According to UNHCR, 7,300 refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are stranded in Serbia. More than 6,200 of them have found shelter in government facilities in the Serbian territory, while the rest live in harsh conditions in the streets of Belgrade. Despite the European Union and Turkey deal on the reduction of refugee flows to the Greek islands, as well as the official closure of several borders in the Balkans, the Balkan route to Central and Northern Europe remains active. Thousands of those are trapped in Bulgaria, FYROM and Serbia, affected by the tightening of EU security policies and have been forced to rest their hopes in the smuggling networks.