The awaiting bride

PhotographerAta Mohammad Adnan
Prize1st Place in People / Wedding
City/CountryChittagong, Bangladesh
Photo Date14/12/2015
Technical Info35.0 mm 1/3200 4000 f/1.4
Entry Description

A bangladeshi bride waits before her nikah, a religious signing ceremony.

About Photographer

Ata Mohammad Adnan, a doctor by profession and a photographer out of passion, was born to doctor parents in 1989 and finally picked up a camera during his third year in medical school. Adnan is essentially a people photographer and intends to tell their stories through his photographs. Photography to him is an extension of his lifestyle and his camera, a part of his body. Photography has helped him get closer to people, often breaking boundaries of socio-economic borders. His photographs have been published in various platforms like BBC, CNN, Huffington Post, Guardian,etc.