Urban Euphoria

PhotographerMaggie Culver-Hagins
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRibera, United States
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoSilver gelatin, Inkjet print
Entry Description

The major theme of my portfolio is the tension inherent in the relationship between nature and civilization. I focus on mundane aspects of life and relationships to convey the moments that busy people miss and pay particular attention to emotions/states of being, like feeling anxious and stressed. Through my photography, I show an appreciation for the simplest of things, which aren’t always the most initially intriguing. The moments I capture portray my subject matter's personality, whether it be a bike tire, a building, or a silhouette of a person. My photographs record organic form in urban settings. I enjoy the literal and metaphorical juxtaposition between two or more concepts and appreciate how polar opposites can coexist in the same composition. Compositionally, my work contains strong linear elements and is visually economical and spacious.