John Walker

PhotographerKamau Patrick
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyPekat Photography Ltd.
City/CountryNairobi, Kenya
Photo DateMay 2017
Entry Description

Photographed Mr. John Walker, a 80 year old model at Lord Egerton Castle which was build between 1938 to 1954, though the occupant died 4 years after the completion of this 52 year old castle, Mr. John Walker was in Nakuru at the time of its opening, though he never attended the event, 63 years later he has visited the now abandoned castle and he narrated to us how the occupant was heart broken when the love of his life declined to marry him.

About Photographer

I'm Kamau Patrick, a commercial photographer born and raised in Kenya. I specialize in Portraiture and Lifestyle photography. Holding my first camera at age 20 was a big deal back then when I was an undergraduate Film Student at Multimedia University of Kenya. I later graduated with a bachelor's degree in Film Production. I initially wanted to be a film director but I took a different course of life when I stumbled upon photography and embarked on a journey to tell stories of the things that I like. This explains much of how films influence my work; my way of storytelling and photographic style.