The Ice Breathes

Photographerjulie stephenson
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJulie Stephenson
City/Countrywamuran, Australia
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoVideo
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Entry Description

The ice transforms from inanimate to animate for those who can feel the earth as a living entity. As my connection with the landscape in the polar region of Antarctica deepened, my perception underwent a transformation as I saw and felt the ice breathe. Antarctica is a continent which to the best of our knowledge no indigenous peoples called as their home; yet if they had, I am certain they too would have connected with the energy of the living earth as I did; and represented this connection through totems, markings, body paint, and talismans as they have done in traditional cultures right across the globe for millennia. This moving image piece represents the transformation of the visible representing the invisible. It represents the transformation of my perception from the known of what is tangible, to what is intangible yet for me so visceral. As a shaman, I felt and understood in those moments of experience in this pristine environment of Antarctica; my perceptions of existence transform and evolve as I felt the ice breathe.

About Photographer

I am a journeywoman. I live my life as an explorer. An adventurer. An Observer. An artist. There is no differentiation between how I live my life and the art that is an expression of it. My creative endeavors through my images, words, prints, books, teaching, speaking engagements, website and art; are all an expression of the extension of the way I just dive deeply into exploring the unknown of living; and examine the world in which we all live. I have a deep connection with the land and am interested in exploring the unseen. I hear with my eyes. I am an artist, with my primary medium as photography. It is through my lens that I learn about myself. I use my photographs to express the ‘unseen’ that I feel in the landscape and environment in which I breathe. My photographs are at the core of all my creative expression, and my artworks, installations, books; all evolve from my photographs. From a young age I’ve had a deep connection with the natural world and have been recognised by Shaman around the world as one of their peers. Because of my own shamanic gifts, I have a keen interest in the ways of the ‘unseen’ in all indigenous cultures. I have concerns for our environment and my recent publications of exquisite photographs of Antarctica and whales, aim to increase awareness of conservation through connection. I have travelled 7 continents; driven through China, Mongolia, Belarus, Russia, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, most of Europe, Morocco, Spain, Portugal; and am presently exploring bodies of work in relation to my connection with the environment from my journeys to Greenland and Antarctica. I have been invited to attend an art residency in Norway in March/April 2018; and The Arctic Circle residency in Svalbard in 2018 where I will continue to explore my current bodies of work.