PhotographerMariƫlle Gebben
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGroningen, Netherlands
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoAbstract studio photography
Entry Description

I bring you The Flux. As an explorer I try to push the boundaries of the mind. Physically I am in the here and now, mentally I move straight through time and matter. My artworks are abstractions of an imaginary reality. I find inspiration in nature, astronomy and the story of creation. And this all started with a rabbit.

About Photographer

Marielle Gebben is a abstract and landscape photographer from Groningen, The Netherlands. She holds a Master of Arts from the University of Groningen and graduated cum laude at the Fotoacademie Amsterdam with her project and book 'rabbit'. In her search for a perfect, unspoiled world, she decided to create an imaginary reality, called The Flux. As a discoverer she explores The Flux, step by step. Her artworks are abstractions of The Flux, mostly made with paper, ink, water, paint and light. She sometimes builds big mountains of paper in her studio to recreate the vistas she saw in The Flux. With her work, she wants to appeal to childhood fantasy and add something positive to the world. More information you find on her website, www.mrll.nl.