PhotographerMichael Weintrob
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNashville, United States
Entry Description

INSTRUMENTHEAD comprises a vast collection of striking portraits shot since 2006, portraying diverse entertainers shown with their instruments obscuring their faces. Subjects include: Bootsy Collins, Mickey Hart, Junior Brown, Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers, and Derek Trucks. In the INSTRUMENTHEAD book, Weintrob has captured uniquely intimate expressions of 369 artists and their instruments, without ever showing their faces.As Weintrob explains, “I have long been fascinated by the special interrelationship of the individual to his or her instrument, so I decided to place the instruments in front of their faces to blur the boundaries between each individual and the tools of their trade, aiming to get across my  time-honored realization that this is where their heads are really at.”