Saints and travelers

PhotographerMarco Aprile
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMilano, Italy
Photo Date24/05/2017
Technical InfoFuji x pro2
Entry Description

On May 24, every year, the tranquility of the Provencal town of Saintes Maries de la Mer is interrupted for two days by the musical notes of the pilgrimage of the Gypsies who come from various parts of Europe to attend the annual celebration in honor of Sarah, protector of the gypsies, and of the two Marie, Mary Jacobe and Mary Salomè, who came to this land from the sea after being expelled from Palestine. While in the streets gypsies celebrate the day with sings and dances with traditional rhythms, in the crypt, Sarah's statue receives the tribute of those who confide in her. In the afternoon, between crowd's wings, escorted by the camargues guardians riding their white horses, Sarah's statue, dressed in silk cloaks and clothing, is taken from the Church till into the sea to symbolize the welcome of the patron of the gypsies when Maria Jacobe and Maria

About Photographer

Marco Aprile is a photojournalist and a documentary photographer. He graduated with a BA in Political Sciences. Since 2000 he covers daily news events in northern Italy for various online media, journals and photo agencies. Some his work have been pubblished on italian and international newspapers and magazines. After having completed graduation in Political Science, in 2000, Marco Aprile started working as practicing journalist for several local newspapers, radios and web sites. Since first working experiences Marco Aprile has developed passion for photography and video. In the winter 2002, his first reportage 'America Perdida: places outside of the normal tourist circuits in Latin America' has been published by De Agostini editions, while a reportage on the parallelism between social conditions in a urban suburb between Argentina and Italy has been published on some local newspapers edited by Editions Edb of Milan. In 2003 Marco Aprile became a full-time PhotoJournalist, focusing his job mainly on sports-events and on social themes relating to the world of urban suburbs in Italy and foreign countries.