The Ghost

PhotographerCraig Parry
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryByron Bay, Australia
Photo Date27/7/2016
Technical Info1/800s - f5.6 - ISO 800
Entry Description

On the 27th of July 2016 the only Albino Humpback in the Southern hemisphere pass by my lens. This is the moment I knew photographing nature was my destiny. The Humpback named " Migaloo" is now 25 years old and this is the first underwater image of this incredible mammal to date. Making the capture black and white just seemed fitting.

About Photographer

International award winning nature photographer Craig Parry. Growing up in Byron Bay Australia it was his parent’s gift of a disposable water proof camera each birthday from the age of 5 yrs until his first professional camera at age 13 that set Craig course. Entirely self taught, Craig worked hard at his craft before making a life-changing decision and became a professional photographer in 2004, winning “International Landscape Photograph” and “Underwater photograph of the year” in 2014 was a defining moment in Craig’s life and career. Craig’s art encourages a connection between humanity and nature whilst his aspiration is to promote conservation of the enviroment through his images.