Traces of Civilization

PhotographerZhao Gang
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBeijing, China
Photo Date2014-2017
Technical Infolarge format camera(8*10 inch)
Entry Description

Zhao Gang was strongly attracted by ancient relics from the first time he got in touch with them. He considers them visible history and vehicle of time. In the process of trying to meet his feelings about monumentality of those entities, dusk came into his attention. At this transient day-into-night time, brightness of sky and earth could be properly recorded into the atmosphere of eternity. Thus, foreground items were refined to pure existences of artifacts rather than accomplishments rousing emotional melancholy or pride. Though dilapidated, they retain the dignity of being existent, and face oncoming disappearance calmly. That’s also their humbleness towards time and universe. Zhao Gang touched those ancient relics with light, made them emerge from dimness. That's their seemingly enduring but also ephemeral existence in eternity.