Honorable Mention

Born to Run

  • Photographer
    Thomas Vijayan
  • Date of Photograph
    22 Sep 2015

Every time I go to Masai Mara, I try to do something new in photography. In one of my trip I was concentrating mainly on panning shots. And the time I decided to visit Mara was during the migration season. I know if I wait for sometime I would definitely witness either the wildebeest or the zebras running. As per we decided we waited near a crossing place and I could see a large number of wildebeest and zebras waiting to cross the river. After some hours of waiting finally the wildebeest started jumping in the river one by one and crossed. When the first group crossed they started running towards where we positioned our vehicle. I waited to isolate a small group to show the pain effect in its real view and finally I was able to capture this picture.

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