Holi Horses

PhotographerAndrea Zachrau
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHellwege, Germany
Photo DateFebruary 12th 2017
Technical InfoCanon 1DX, studio flashes
Entry Description

"Holi Horses" is a photo project I started 2015. The main aim is to capture the beauty and unique character of each horse and combine them with the most beautiful colours. Holi powder is a nice effect to use in people photography, but with horses it is a lot more difficult. Horses are flight animals and get scared easily. A lot of patience is necessary to receive a good result during the photo shoots in my photo studio for horses. In preparation of the shoots the owners train their horses to teach them that holi powder, thrown or blown at them, doesn't do harm to them.

About Photographer

Andrea Zachrau is a journalist and photographer based in Northern Germany. Since newspapers and magazines always wanted her to take photos, too, she decided it was about time to learn more about photography. She was lucky enough to be able to accompany the famous German Equestrian photographer Jacques Toffi to several tournaments and appointments in 2014. That is where she learnt to see horses differently through her camera and how to capture their beauty in photos. Andrea Zachraus photos are featured in magazines and on magazine covers.