Tenderly selfie with the dutch seascape

PhotographerOleg Ferstein
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFidgets and Digits
City/CountryAmsterdam, Netherlands
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

They have chosen a really smart angle for their picture. In the end, it´ll look like: "just the both of us and the everlasting sea behind!" There is only hope, I didn't spoil their view and they didn't catch me in the frame! I'm wondering if the "Selfie with a stick" is another attribute of our unconscious immersion into overall uniformization and as a result - unavoidable aspiration to be rather isolated than independent? Or perhaps, I'm a hopeless retrograde? :)

About Photographer

My name is Oleg Ferstein. I’m a professional actor and director, 30 years working on different theatre stages around Europa, starting in Moscow, then Geneva, London, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Photography became my second occupation. I am mostly known under my artistic nickname “Formofadrop”. This is the title of my theoretical research and book. It examines the realization or implementation of an enclosed space of a performance in it's any possible formation. That’s why the main focus in all my creative activities, whether photography, stage or screen is on the performer. Whether it's a person, object, light or even the entire topos / arena.