12 Natural Wonders UK 2017

PhotographerPaul Giggle
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrisbane, Australia
Photo DateOctober 2016
Entry Description

These set of photographs are taken from the UK 12 Natural Wonders series. This is the 5th edition photographed in England using iconic places to produce these wonderful black and white prints. Each year a calendar is produced and sent to Paul's clients. Originally from the UK this was an important series showcasing mostly london where he lived for 14 years. He wanted this series to feel slightly more reportage by having the models in public spaces. This was quite challenging. Locations include; an old London Pub, underground train, Brighton Pier, the Serpentine in hyde Park, a laundrette, black cabs, telephone box and rooftops over looking London.

About Photographer

Fashion photographer and film director