Rural landscape, le Langhe.

Photographerpaolo iommelli
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAversa, Italy
Entry Description

The landscape, is a socio-territorial product in which it settled the historical relationship between man and nature, which is expressed in the times through a system of signs, a set of materials meanings. This is the central value of the landscape as it is revealed as a document of the area's history and the men who built it, memory tank. It follows an added value: the value of cultural heritage in its entirety widespread integral heritage.

About Photographer

Paolo Iommelli lives between Turin and Aversa, where he was born in 1965. In the 1980s he began his profession as a professional photographer with great regard for experimentation and expressive possibilities of photographic language. After graduating, she attends the lessons of photographer Mimmo Jodice at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. He then graduated at the Federico II University (Naples) in Philosophy of Language with a thesis on "Myths and Symbols", and specializes in Visual Anthropology with a Master in Social Photography. The "Portraits Without Faces" portfolio published in L'OEIL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE Paris Magazine. The portfolio "Vestiges. Going for the Mediterranean" published on the magazine “GENTE DI FOTOGRAFIA”. The portfolio "The Loneliness of Globalized Man" Turin & Naples - Street Photography published on the Brazilian Magazine Media Agency / Press Edge of Humanity Magazine. Various publications on the VOGUE ITALIA magazine and on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ITALIA. Honorable Mention MIFA 2016 Moscow Awards Editorial category; Honorable Mention ND Awards 2016 Editorial category; Honorable Mention TIFA 2016 Tokyo Awards category Fine Art; Monochrome Exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery; Fine Art Exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery; 35 AWARDS 2016 "Top 70 Italy photographers" "The Best Photographers in the City of Aversa 2016 year"; 3 classified PX3 2017 Prix de la Photographie Paris; Honorable Mention PX3 2017; 2 classified MIFA 2017 Moscow Awards; The Daily Life portfolio is present on the Zenith Photo Awards 2017 channels.