Belief of Tribe ‘Yi’

PhotographerCHOONHO ROH
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHong-ik art graduate school
City/CountrySeoul, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date11.2015
Technical InfoCanon EOS 5D Mark III,7D
Entry Description

I spotted diverse aspects of traditional belief from tribe ‘Yi’, who has loved in Szechuan, Yunnan Province, China. Tribe Yi, who had made their village in the heart of mountain 400km away from the civilized places, has kept their own traditional lifestyle and religion for long time. It is said that the village is going to be developed along with nearby mega cities. Hope the true spirits and cultures remain the same as it is in the future.

About Photographer

My name is Choonho, Roh. I was born in July, 1952 in the large port city called Busan in Korea, when the country was in the middle of Korean war. Busan was the city where a lot of people had evacuated to, so when growing up I could experience the social impacts that the war had on people and the society. I left Busan and moved to Seoul for college, majoring in international trade in Hanyang University. After college, I devoted my life to work and family. I served my military duty as an ROTC officer in DMZ, started my career in Samsung Group and had worked for more than 30 years before retiring from CEO job in an electronic appliance company. Although I did not have much time before retirement, I always loved art such as photography and music. When I had time, I used to work together with my wife who is a professional photographer. After retirement, I am finally concentrating on photography and received several awards from domestic photo contests. I also enrolled in Hong-ik art graduate school to study photography in earnest. I want to express the warmth and peace of human being in my own way, which is beyond country, ethnicity, religion and ideology. With true understanding of human being’s values such as trust, respect and diversity, I would like to reflect pure and essential parts of people in the world. I am going to nurture my artistic ability through diverse experience and have more time for introspection in order to make my dream come true as a passionate photographer. I believe that both my art knowledge and endless effort will guide me to reach the dream.