Angels Amongst Us - Faces Of Autism

PhotographerElena Paraskeva
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAyia Napa, Cyprus
Photo Date30/06/2017
Technical InfoNikon D810, 85mm lens, strobes
Entry Description

An ongoing series inspired by a friend's story that her uncle who was autistic was kept in a box, hidden from the world and eventually died in it. The condition is widespread on the island, yet few are aware of it and most don't even know what it is. Some theorize that it is due to the uncontrolled vaccination practices. A lot of these children are kept away from the public never to be seen. During my time researching the project, the fathers were largely absent. Currently there are no schools dedicated to the condition. The hands beneath each child's head are those of their mothers, pillars of strength and resilience. The two are inextricably tied together, the mother is bound to her child by love but also fear, for the question that is gnawing at her, that of what will happen to her child when she dies, is left unanswered.