Modern Times, Opulence

PhotographerJustine Tjallinks
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJustine Tjallinks Photography
City/CountryAmsterdam, Netherlands
Photo DateJanuary 15th 2017
Technical InfoDigital
Entry Description

Inspired on the painting 'A Young Woman Warming her Hands over a Brazier: Allegory of Winter' by Caesar Boëtius van Everdingen, c. 1644 - c. 1648 What makes this original work of Caesar Boëtius van Everdingen special is that he chose to depict winter featuring a young woman of wealth. This was very uncommon at the time as winter settings were usually painted showing the elderly or poor. In my translation of this portrait I chose to put extra emphasis on the wealth narrative by using luxurious pieces designed by Jan Taminiau who’s been known to dress queen Maxima of the Netherlands. In our world today the gap between the wealthy and poor is becoming greater and puts pressure on society. It leaves us with the question: is it ok to flaunt wealth?

About Photographer

Justine Tjallinks (born 1984) is an Amsterdam-based Dutch Photographer and Art-Director. After graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute cum laude, she moved on to work as the Art-Director for L’Officiel Magazine. Whilst being responsible for the aesthetics of the magazine, she realized that she wanted to make her own stories and visions towards beauty and esthetics come to life through photography. Justine does not consider herself a photographer by definition, but an image-maker carefully curating elements to communicate a feeling. That the beholder feels is always her main objective. The emotions in her personal works mirror her own experiences and are then translated to a visual metaphor. Viewing her works will give a sense of intimacy between you and the subject. To achieve this, Justine is always searching for that unique face, and widen the horizons in the way we look at and visualize beauty.