Life goes on

PhotographerMartins Eglitis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRiga, Latvia
Photo Date2015 - 2017
Technical InfoFuji GW670ii, Kodak film
Entry Description

Project was inspired by author’s observations of local people. Series speaks about the reciprocal antagonism between an individual, society and nature. The point of view of an observer reflects not only on the struggle within this trinity, but also on relationships and a sense of flux within the cultural environment. Seeking for the middle ground, and finding the balance between sentiment and carelessness. During early stage, photos were taken around peripheries of Riga, Latvia. Eventually it led to travels from Moscow to Siberia, and other exotic locations, such as industrial cities beyond polar circle. Even though, series was made in two seperate countries, they both share similarities in urban landscape, and sometimes it is not possible to differentiate one from another. Full series contain more than 20 images.