PhotographerANA PALACIOS
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMADRID, Spain
Photo Date2015, 2016
Technical InfoCANON 5D
Entry Description

This photo essay shows slave girls with their "owners" on the background at her work place in Togo, one of the countries spotted as being one of most affected by the phenomenon of child exploitation in the world. There are an estimated 150 million child slaves today. Human trafficking is the third most lucrative business, after drug trafficking and arms dealing. Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly West Africa, has the highest incidence of child trafficking in the world.

About Photographer

Ana Palacios is a photojournalist who divides her time between international film production and documentary photography focused in Human Rights. Her work has been published worldwide (Al Jazeera, Stern, Der Spiegel The Guardian, 6 Mois, Days Japan, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, El PaĆ­s, Tiempo, etc). She has published two books: Albino about the pledge of the albinos in Tanzania and Art in Movement about the art as a social change in Uganda.