Garden in Motion

PhotographerCindy Liu
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyStanford Univeristy, Class of 2019
University/SchoolStanford University
City/CountrySan Jose, United States
Photo Date06/09/2017, 04/28/2017
Technical InfoNIKON D750
Entry Description

Flowers create pops of color amidst seas of green grass. Tried the panning technique to create blur and a sense of motion.

About Photographer

I am an undergraduate student at Stanford University studying biomedical computation. My passion for photography started in high school, where I learned to use a DSLR through working in the school journalism program. I love using photography to capture the beauty of everyday scenes, and I am always eager to explore new places and learn more about photography. I particularly enjoy taking photos of nature and architecture.