Portrait of Fruits

PhotographerMasumi Shiohara
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countryshiojiri-shi, Japan
Entry Description

Fruits are often compared to human shapes. I express a person by displaying three fruit. Each shows a head and a chest and a waist. I have been growing these fruits since many years ago.―other than the fingered citron(Buddha's Hand). Most of these fruits are grown by me every year in my fruits garden. I feel his and her character and history. And these are different tastes, forms and conditions each season. I gave them the figure which is equal with me. And I want to talk together.

About Photographer

I am an orchardist. I have endeavored to create an artistic record as a photograph of fruit that I have grown in its "most visually beautiful form prior to being harvested". Multiple fruits ripen in orchards. However, not all fruit can be considered an object of beauty, in terms of its shape or leaf distribution. Daily tending of plants which is done all year round, as well as weather conditions that change on a yearly basis result in annual variations in the final quality of products.